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Bluetick Coonhound after board and train in Mesa AZ and Phoenix AZ

"When I was in the process of selling and showing my home in Phoenix, I needed a spot to send Banjo, my Bluetick Coonhound. Much to my surprise, I found that a friend had used Guy for dog obedience just a few months prior. Your Dog Guy was extremely accommodating and took great care of her! Not only that, he provided dog training I would recommend this dog trainer to anyone needing boarding services." -Phil W


Shorthaired pointer obedience training

"I live in Phoenix and was having some issues getting my Shorthaired Pointer to listen in the house. From the picture you can tell that she was a handful. Being a short distance away from Surprise, I started off with weekend dog training classes, and then moved to board and train and I cannot be happier. I would recommend this dog trainer to anybody looking for dog obedience. I don't know what I would have done without Your Dog Guy!" -Tori R


Rattlesnake breaking aversion training Brittany spaniel

"Living in Surprise, Arizona I love to get out and explore the desert. My Brittany and I Dexter love hiking new trails and seeing new areas. Having such an active and adventurous breed I knew I would need some help in certain areas of training. I did a lot of research and decided to reach out to Your Dog Guy who recommended we do some off leash training as well as snake avoidance. They were great with Dexter and especially with walking me through the training and explaining the whole process so I could be confident in my handling. We’ve put on many many miles since and the training comes into play each and every hike. This is the best dog training and dog trainer in Phoenix. Dexter's dog obedience is now incredible. Thank you Your Dog Guy for all your help and for making me confident with my handling abilities when my dog is off leash." - Eric W